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oct 15

morning time of sewing and touching and sun shines in a bare room
I fill my social calendar

work on some of july
gosh, I love that stuff.

I arrange to do a post-tgiving morning exercise
speak to students at my high school

I read at spaghetti western
I read tools for thought

chapter eight is juicy
the hacker class

work briefly, the site is even more comin' together
I mean you can surf more than the spine yet
starting to be an immersive experience
articles, photos
I think it's one of the best sites around
of a type
it reflects aspects of my life I appreciate

dinner date with chris and regan
from chicago, from parker

he works for i/pro
we do a commuter ride into north oakland
talk web stats
minds press and propoganda

at their wide house
it had a big door
a college gone to suburbia with black and white wall art
subtle international flavours
white walls, shaggy carpets

we picked up a chicago style stuffed thick pizza

with mmmm, spinach
regan the teacher and we sit down to eat

I had plumbed his brain on the train
so I plumbed hers over dinner
a fledgling teacher yet
being schooled in sneak radical pedagogy at berkeley
covert politilessons

I tell some stories from my summer

electric minds
chris gets restless, begins to pace the room
calls me a goddamn bald long hair
acts like chicago
we agree, chicago's like true grit
like I heard this girl on the bus say today,
the constant state of pleasant weather here in san francisco
unnerves her, makes things flat
there can be no extremes
opinion, dress

compared to chicago, all this bald long hair painted fingernails crap is superficial sufferin's

a nice young married couple
we might plan to see a play

I return to late night work
folks eatin' chicken wings and actin' silly
past 11pm
the gangs most all here

I like having a job where I can recommend people contact elf sternberg

navel gazing: eminds in red herring.

I thought I had it bad last night with falling asleep with visions of marathon corridors on my naked eyelids
dark armed characters darting in and out of my dream state
vjim reports a dream last night took place inside the marathon screen interface box
unrelated subject matter, nonviolence, an ex girlfriend
"wait, there might have been a gun..."

posted july 6

toy boy mccoyediting john pic and page

vjim sez, you know, this may be the hardest I've ever worked.
certainly close to true for me
I mean finals at school is hard
but hotwired wasn't.
not like this.

randy is a scorpio I remind abbe
"oh! that explains everything!

here, let me show you how to do a drop shadow

yer images really bug me, she sez.

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