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oct 14

the mental and physical push towards launch continues
I have been maintaining amazing levels of sleep
damn near 8 hours a night

but I have not eaten so well these days
my energy is beginning to flag at 5.30

but I can surf the spine of the site
and convergeance of elements is yeilding excitement

damn, this is beginning "to fucking rock".

this morning I dealt with the rentcar company
was I negligent for leaving a key in the car,
in possible view?
does that mean I pay for renting the car while it was stolen?
pay parking tickets accrued by the thief?
damage to the body done by same?
either way, it's either a fight or a bleed
what's the lesson?

I like public transport.

we begin to take possession of each other
randy who invites jim and then I to ride in his

after too much marathon the screen begins to recede backwards as I type these words

his red honda sportish with leather interior
I would have fit better if I were seven
more revelations of our business guy, our suit
randy used to do puppets, because his dad used to do puppets
randy build his own one man stage costume backpack apparatus
wore pants like howard's, and clown shoes, in parks in new york
do it for the team, I urge, it will endear you

dinner is slow at first
mostly business chatter
some wine loosens the lips
and this room builds to a fever pitch
of converse and conviviality
we really do love each other when left to our own devices

provided food and booze
and on the way to the bathroom, the painting namesake of this restaurant
that's a little unnerving.

we trade jokes,
rob sez,
"justin, no one will think less of you if you look like a normal person."

today I worked hard for this company. I saw what I wanted there to be and I put my mind to making it so
if this weekend was about doubts, this tonight is about assuredness
and marathon and spacebar distractions only intermittent

rebeca sent me to photos of herself
that I promised I wouldn't link
cuz they're semi-raunchy she said
not that raunchy, say I
she looks handsome, cute
it's real real late
my arms hurt

time to change the interface.

let me share with you a computer geek
I woke up and grabbed my powerbook and wrote about a dream
checked my e-mail
drank some rice milk
handful of granola
powerbook sleeps for 40 mins bus
turned on at work
to dinner, powerbook sleeps
on during dinner to download digital photographs
sleeps back to work
turned off at 3.43 am
vjim drives me home by 3.52, it's on again
in my bare bedroom
with this "mind amplification device"
who needs furnishings?

and, if homepage is become a sign of consciousness,
then what does it mean when a friend replaces their and writings diary with shriekish .gifs?

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