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oct 31


I shaved a bald spot on my head like an old man. I bought clothes that looked older than me at st vincent de paul. I bought a cane there too. I drew wrinkles on my face with eyebrow pencil. I walked very very slowly most of the time.

heidi and wayne came over and played computer game with jim and I. jim left and we went to dinner with abbe. I like all those people. in that group wayne came across a little mean or weird or something, more like scooter in geekcereal. abbe's always weird. solanna seemed quiet.

I went to cyborganic and talked to old friends about potential girlfriends while doug taped it all. abbe is a ham and marjorie is devious. marjorie thinks I'm a junior sexist because I chase women and turn around when they call me back. (if she doesn't think that's fair, she can post a rebuttal on her web site. I'll link to it.)
jonathan dressed like the unabomber; that was funny. wayne didn't dress up at all, neither did vagabond jim. do they think they're too bad? dressing up adds to the festivity, shows some creativity and contribution. if more people put more trouble into their costumes, the cyborganic party would have been more like this other party I went to.

I got a ride with rebecca, who drives like she talks, who talks like she air-refreshes; she had six or seven "vanilla" flavoured taxi cab yellow cardboard pine tree shaped air fresheners hanging from the rear view. she insisted on making eye contact with people she was speaking to, even in the back seat, as she madly accelerated through the san francisco streets littered with halloween discarded freaks. I'm exaggerating.

we went to this 100 year old victorian with lots of role playing people in serious vampire gear - latex layers, victorian garb and props. soon after entering I was being spanked by paul haeberli's companion helen. people liked to talk to me because I was old. I chatted with a woman who was too drunk to be funny. she thought I was funny though. she kept trying to get me to drink. I didn't want to drink, it was too late. later I saw her puking into a toilet bowl. she was in the bathroom alone for a long time. at first people thought she was doing drugs. then they realized she was throwing up.

while she was in the bathroom, I lay down on a bed and stared at the ceiling. sometimes I shut my eyes and I sort of fell asleep. my friends steve rhodes, who people had heard of, and rebecca were talking to this dramatic looking role playing chick who was undertall with a lot of cleavage that had a neon rat hanging in it. she was talking a lot about england, and so was this other woman on the other side of me. it didn't sound too interesting. they were talking about things they didn't like. they talked a lot about those things. there were other people around, they just sat and listened to these women talk about the things they didn't like. rebecca interrupted with questions or observations occasionally but this woman talked more than rebecca did. I make a lot of web pages, rebecca talks a lot. this woman talked more than rebecca did. I didn't like to listen for very long. so I lay down.

eventually rebecca thought that I was tired and we used that opportunity to sever relations. on the way out we met a guy from ten - total entertainment network - they're putting computer games multiplayer on the internet. not yet macintosh, soon java so more platforms can play. I think they will be successful. if not them, then somebody will be. online games have an exciting future.

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