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attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?


I first tried the stuff at Swarthmore

mom and george came to visit

half an hour after they left, I was high, drunk and tripping - many hours later I snorted a small line of cheap coke and stayed up even later chatting mindlessly.

done it 'bout five or six times between my first and most recent time - I find the stuff too powerful - it makes me feel greedy, for more coke, more conversation, more power.

once I felt like I had a magic force field, tangible manipulatable physical magic energy that I could send out or pull in around me

powerful, sure, but not for long. I hate being jerked around like that. Afterwards I felt a bit deluded, though that magic force thing's something nice to think about now and then, maybe in an elevator

If I do enough to feel it good, I'm worried I'm going to die - my heart pounding in my chest, tremors and shivers.

Definitely a high maintenance drug - expensive and frequent.

and it made a certain asshole of jorge

last time I did some, March 1996, in Daytona Beach Florida, and tons of weird fucked up shit went down. I had to threaten a cab driver with a shredded coke can...

cocaine has appeared in my dreams.

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