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nov 1

Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 15:14:20 -0800
To: "rebecca l. eisenberg" <>
From: justin <>
Subject: Re: juli
Cc: Steve Rhodes <>

At 14:07 -0800 11/1/96, rebecca l. eisenberg wrote:
>i did think you were tired, so your description of that thought process was
>right on target. the way you wrote it up suggested that you were actually
>NOT tired, which i do find believable, considering how early this made it
>up today. did you sleep?

yeah whatever. I had to come into eminds at 10am. so I'm gonna nap, or something.

the minds meeting went pretty well doug taped, which was pretty unobtrustive. he's got footage of what will prolly promise to be a pretty transformational milestone - howard randy abbbe talking about a transition to more heirarchy and procedure, including a prez-type boss (new person) who will actually run stuff around here, moving to offices with cublicles, having committees to review new ideas in light of the vision, and new visions in light of revenues. I would have responded with outright cynicism, but I didn't have any positive alternatives to suggest, and watching my coworkers play with the legos (literally) set before them was too mezmeretical to interrupt.

>so what potential girlfriends did you talk about?

margie is always giving me advice about how I mistreat and discourage young women. I suggested she set me up with someone who would call me on my shit. we couldn't come up with anyone (my age and sophisticated)

she sez she's gonna work on it.


and today on spacebar...
jsd/you know, for kids[Private]: what kind of music are you looking for?
pulse pounding brain crinkling techno or something more neural?
jsd/you know, for kids[Private]: check out a band called OFF AND GONE. they
have an album called Everest which is just brilliant.
jsd/you know, for kids[Private]: if you really want to go mental try PLUG:
"Drum and Bass For Papa"... jazzy jungle.

and then this
fusty/nice: shopping for flowers for this woman who works at our pr agency.
no, not the one who flipped me off. a woman who read some of my
corpororate internal e-mail and responded "will you marry me?" and
since, in the last week, we've had one of the weirdest e-mail exchanges
of my personal history, mostly a hyper, totally virtual totally
detacted whirlwind romance.
solanna/ : oh jesus
fusty/nice: detached.
-- #23 Logged off channel 23: herf/lil fuck
fusty/nice: so I'm goin' drop $4o on the joke.
scooter/ : o my.
scooter/ : is she hot?
-- #36 Logged off channel 01: destina/bambi
fusty/nice: I don't know.
fusty/nice: she hasn't responded to my attempts to nudge it real.
scooter/ : you have never seen her
scooter/ : ?
fusty/nice: not that I know of. I hear she's blonde. and she's in pr.

I tried surfin the web for flowers, 1800flowers dot com and ftd dot com
but that's all expensive bs
I call them first question
what's the name as it appears on the credit card?

I can local french tulip

"angel" takes my order
she asks, what's the name of the person recieving the flowers
bessie smith playing in the back ground
I spent nearly one month's advertising.

fusty/nice: I ordered flowers and the woman taking my order sounded sweeter.
I was almost seduced by her reading my total amount due alone.
I gave angel my url.

doug was hanging out all day at electric minds. he said there was non stop action. he taped for a long time for one day. he seemed tired. I caught him with his eyes closing napping during a meeting about conferencing. we're hosting conversations that seem to be exciting now. we're wondering what will happen when we open them up to thousands of folks who can participate if they want. conferencing takes a long time. howard and jill suggested ways to make it take less time. I think it takes longer because it's on the web. there's a lot of graphics. and frams takes a long time too.

I logged on spacebar to find out what to do. scooter invited me to a party. sonic was going too. vjim was hanging out at eminds, he was tired. I never got to take a nap; I thought about it though, because I was tired also.

I invited doug along because I thought footage of me and my friends would be nice to see in years to come. we left and joined wayne at his company. we took the bus to the mission district to meet sonic. on the way I read about odwalla recall due to e-coli bacteria. the company stock dropped far. I like that company a lot. they have a great product. I called my mom and asked her to buy some of their stock with some of my money. I think they will come back.

we arrived at sonic's. I left my bag at her house. no digital camera, no laptop. I like travelling light. I didn't care about taking photos. doug had a print camera anyways.

we went to a mexican restaurant. it is call "pancho villa." I like to call it the "cafeteria of the mission district" because it is big and many many people eat there. it was a perfect place to take doug. he didn't shoot any footage there though; just as well, it would have been weird.

I ordered "carnitas" - pork meat, swine flesh. it was too salty.

we walked to some whack ass webstock party. it was to empower youth. lots of people looked like los angeles. there were coloured lights. the music was too loud. I heard the band on the radio, once. joey from suck was there. we talked about lots of funny stuff. hotwired decided that suck should have indie punk bands record readaudio versions of their essays. that's because a lot of people said in a suck survey that they have real audio. so that's their new frontier.

scooter writes for geekcereal. joey writes for suck. those are two different types of writing, but they're both on the web. joey alluded to a "black list" of sites/urls precluded from suck. is that true?

we talked about cookies. we agreed that no one in their right mind would have their e-mail address in netscape preferences.

it was too cold. there was too much un cut vodka in my gimlet. the music was over. people looked cheesy. what did this have to do with the web? joey joked that "this is our woodstock." fuck him. he's right. maybe burning man. I didn't go this year. I went two years ago.

we left and we went out for tea. doug and sonic talked about earthquakes in california. scooter tried logging in on sfnet. he seemed to like it, he chatted on spacebar.

we went back to sonic's, more delightful chatter. i love all those people, even when they're falling asleep. times tonight sonic was the prettiest woman I ever seen. and real real smart too. I'm glad she's my friend. I feel comfortable around her. I can put my arm around her shoulder and squeeze her because we are close. it feels nice. she is not feeling so lonely as she was the other day. I'm real happy about that.

wayne and I went to safeway to buy bus passes for november. he had never heard my jail story. it happened right there, at that safeway on market, so I told it to him.

doug accompanied me home and I asked him to videotape parts of my evening ritual - bare room, bed against the wall, sheets rolled up. then I made my bed and he taped that too. I will be glad to have that. I started typing and he taped me for a while. then he asked me questions about my future and my web page. I talked to his camera, I was tired, my answers were not so exciting. but they were me. and they were current. and they were coherent. they got better. he asked about my writing. I said I liked to write in short sentences now. clarity. and it makes me laugh, sometimes; when I read back over it. he asked about my hair and I showed him the remains. I held it on my head for a moment, the first time since shaving. it felt itchy. it was late, I called a cab for him, he went to his hotel.

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