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where i sit, right

august 8

might be more interesting because it's in honduras
there's a small radio plugged into the wall
i'm in tegucigalpa, the political capital
so there's 24 hour power
cheesy songs are playing

all the ladino rap groups rip off cypress hill
everything in english is detestable

i'm in the office of mopawi
using their gateway 2000 120mhz pentium with windows 95

why doesn't this operating system come with a better telnut program?
at least it has one.
it's like 11 at night
it's friday
lots of young people are shaking their booties,
i'm writing about shower stalls i've known and loved

julio the nightwatchmen
he's playing some handheld videopacifiergame
every uppermiddleclass establishment here has armed personelle around the clock

so howard asks,
and after writing nearly 9 articles, and typing my thinkings again
my hands hurt a little
here and there
not like before
but beginning like before
i'll stop sometime,
probably around 1am

but i have perspective now
see, 2 months away from wires
wasn't the time critical but the stuff doing

drawing water from wells
walking with butterflies

i wrote a country music song for amy

i'm older now, after honduras
I've spent 1/125 of my life here.
i've been doing a lot of math, walking along
trying to figure out why

2 / 7 = .285714285714 etc
3 / 7 = .428571428571 etc
4 / 7 = .571428571428 etc
whether pattern means anything, or its just simple seven

i went to utila, i dove three or four times a day
went down to 120 feet, that's quite a drug experience
there i read reader's digest condensed bios of the world's winners
and some james baldwin

sonny's blues has a nice bit that justifies sharing your whole life story on the web.

when i'm done working, i will go to the hotel grenada
around the corner
i will have a little fear
too many stories of people having their hand cut off by wristwatch thieves
and too many deformed people
i don't know how to react
and too much diesel
but it will be late, and quiet

my room is a concrete box
with a television extra
i'll watch 24 minutes of cnn headline news

their mostly press release reporting
some scifi channel
last night they had japanese animation in english
"green legend of ran"
tonight it won't be so desireable

tomorrow i meet with mopawi people to develop internet strategy

(ie, how many email addresses, for whom.
what stuff would go on a web page)
read: mopawi people:
alan robinson,
a british dude from a christian aid organization in the uk
he's got enough patience and proclivity for this computer stuff
i want mopawi to have a web page, so i'm helping him envision webbing them
it's all about setup
i won't be here

and the executive director of mopawi will have read 5 more of my articles and he'll feed me back

talk more about sustainable development efforts of mopawi
i've got many quotes from embittered people used to handouts

sorry, it's loading from sweden. two days i return to san francisco

my everlovin' hunnie
the fray
so what to wind up my visit here?
how about posting the first two checked off of my mopawi articles
a report on raista,
and where i sit?

sit checking links leads to cool of the year huzzah
gosh, formatting standards on the web are so fly now
you reader will have to settle for pretty crude formatting here
it's designed to make the author feel more accessable
or older or something

like i was trying to teach alan robinson the <p> tag;
he opened ami pro and exported some document into nice looking html
"oh, this is easy," he said.

i'm having my semi-annual the-web-is-even-spiffier-and-my-pages-look-like-1995 anxiety.
hah hah hah.

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