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10:51) [Seen] 25-FEB-98 20:29 Beau Wilberding (beau)
CNN is my home page, I like to know what's going on.

The web is so big! Having a cable modem is great - I can just surf for hours.

10:52) [Seen] 25-FEB-98 20:44 Justin Hall (justin)
well if you're going to be surfing for hours, lemme give you some urls,

Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 21:08:55 -0500 (EST)
From: justin
To: Beau @
Subject: URLs

my url is:

regularly i read rheingold's new community:

farai chideya has a personal site with popular culture essays

doctor markison has been extensively interviewed

good essay about sticking with macintosh or going windows?

finally found a page of good violent action movie listings

one dude's massive massive (1600+) documented reading list:

wacky museum of menstruation, run by a dude,

funny-ass piece on olestra from zug

and 400 olestra haikus (glorious net excess)

then if you're really bored, you can always search for yourself on

10:53) [Seen] 25-FEB-98 11:51 Justin Hall (justin)
tonight for two fisted features we will show the legend of fong sai yuk, an extremely well put together chinese kung fu comedy.

10:54) [Seen] 26-FEB-98 0:49 bw (ben)
hey wil, i'll buy you a slice of pizza if you tackle chester.

10:55) [Seen] 26-FEB-98 1:57 Justin Hall (justin)
i got ddted in the face tonight - a little drunk, wrestling with wilson after the movie, i got dropped on my face - i literally sawstars - a flash of lightning and then stunned my neck hurts and around my right eye is bleeding but i bandaided it, didn't got to the health center am going to sleep, class tomorrow, i will have a big shiner.

10:56) [Seen] 26-FEB-98 12:24 Justin Hall (justin)
wilson, can i post that birthday poem you wrote me up online?

10:57) [Seen] 26-FEB-98 12:26 Wilson Kello (wilson)
Chester, I expected you to post that poem on your web page, that's why i sent it to you in email.

11:28) [Seen] 12-MAR-97 13:33 Robert Markison (rem)
we fail ourselves, our identity, our ancestry if we fail to create every day. if we don't get up at dawn, see the sun rise and see light on objects and then render a little bit, paint - whether its a peach or a flower or a landscape or a tree or a portrait, and then if we don't make some music and understand time and music as well as space, then we're gonna live lives that are indeed passive-dependent consumption of mass goods and mass media and its going to be a serious question of when is enough enough. in other words, when are you in traffic to go somewhere and buy something when you should be in the cave creating?

11:22) [Seen] 12-MAR-97 13:33 amy (egg)
do you make underpants?

11:23) [Seen] 12-MAR-97 13:33 Robert Markison (rem)

11:24) [Seen] 24-FEB-98 16:24 Justin Hall (justin)

11:25) [Seen] 12-MAR-97 13:33 amy (egg)
what kind of underpants?

11:26) [Seen] 12-MAR-97 13:33 Robert Markison (rem)
it doesn't matter.

11:27) [Seen] 12-MAR-97 13:33 amy (egg)
do you make bloomers?

10:74) [Seen] 24-FEB-98 16:43 Justin Hall (justin)
i listened to bjork, debut; goldie, timeless; guv'ner, the hunt; jimi hendrix, cherokee mist (from cam);
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