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nekkid guy jobless and computerless

No Job No Computer

if you'll tell us what you're willing to remove from your site,"

she ticks off on her fingers

  • "naked pictures
  • "mature content

  • "
    don't come at me like that

    buying a used car you don't want to offer the first bid.

    i'm offline the house seems quieter
          without the hum of electronic community

    removing content is not an option.

    so you won't be paying me?

    should i look for another job then?

    some nice soul towards the base of the totem pole emailed me after seeing my links to removed from my articles at because of a single letter from the bible belt? they recanted their links to me - a 'puter freak pornographer.

    "it's not just a question of links justin,
    "it's a question of affiliation.

    i put my own rep on the line by siding with ZDTV
    too bad they con't do the same.

    No Job No Computer

    "that might be a good idea."

    maybe i'll try c|net.

    "hold off on c|net."

    enough $ for a few weeks
    one upcoming gig maybe
    do i want a desk somewhere? some freelance?

    it's a good thing your gravy train has ended
    you'll have to learn to fend for yourself.

    i couldn't help myself, i had to tell the safeway woman who askd, "how are you?" i lost my job today.

    if you have to be shitcanned it's best to be shitcanned by assholes.

    but hey buddy let's see how things shape up - maybe in a few months when we're more secure with our cable operatores, we can work something out.

    i felt like someone had left me, dimly, from a distance. i felt like i had been misjudged. Why had they hired me in the first place?

    she spoke at length about carl and beautiful too. after i tonfessed my position, rebecca responded with a little testimony to the benefits of compromise. but they asked me to remove my content! she hadn't slept in days - she looked good for it.

    What if what i am and what i have been and did before will hold me back from what i should become?

    (and now i handwrite next to beloved since i do not compute)

    nekkid, pic by claire mooney

    Should i take down my content to provide more flexibility of profession? or perhaps it's too late. perhaps i've ensured i have nothing but a hard and fun path before me - professional and personal blurred.

    suited, pic by ariel behr

    Anyways i believe in what i've done and the flexbile evolving whole of Justin's Links. to remove things would cause a whithering of some links since nothing is printed and so only alive as electricity courses through them, and those pages would in all important ways dissapear.

    can i imagine removing the "mature content" from this site? i would be left with only immature content! i guess that's most of what's here as it is.

    i have to believe in myself - would i want to work for someone who wouldn't want the whole package? who could possibly want the whole packeage?

    but what inspires any doubt in my project here is wanting to experiment - to try TV professionalism, to not have shut that door. I would like to have my own talk show. I'm sure that if I am intended to I will. right - that convenient religio-faith hands off.

    it's unfortunate that no one told me, no one took responsibility. It was up to this peon, this footsoldier, not anyone who had any power - they didn't make any attempt to communicate. and they work for a communications company! maybe even have some sort of communications degree too.

    i have so much faith in myself, my surroundings. something appropriate will emerge from this


    "so we'll schedule something for next week
    "and see if we can work out a compromise

    No Job No Computer

    houseguest kira is happy for me. this weekend while amy filmed her film we gardened with a hammer and a pry-bar (hard ass soil). my hands hurt in a whole new way!

    anyone want me to do some teaching, speaking or writing?

    from a college computer room, 5 october 1998.
    justin hall.

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