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Holloween HoeDown with HotWired

When Wired moved out of its old building, and left two floors of unutilized loft, I decided to throw a party.

Wired was certainly plugged in to the San Francisco rave scene - the entire accounting department was dance crazed, and the guy who started SFRaves was the HotEngineer.

With help from Martin O'Brian, a party planner, we assembled DJs, the band El-Kabong (with Dave Sanner on drums), and a light show.

We had a parachute hanging from the ceiling, dozens of flourescent bean bags, and too many blacklights.

with $1000 donated from Wired Ventures, Ltd., I bought flourescent paint, fruit, veggies, juice, cola, beer, chips, and 200 pink microdots.

The Zima people donated four cases, which resulted in over sixty half-full bottles of Zima having to be cleaned up the next day - I guess the novelty wore off.

Scheduled for the day after launch, I sent this message out:

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 21:04:54 -0800
To: <recipient list supressed>
From: (Justin Hall)
Subject: Hallelujah! HoeDown with HotWired!

- Members of the Wired community -

Friday, October 28
9pm to 6am
544 Second Street
a HotWired hoe-down.

We have much to celebrate: the imminent launch of HotWired, the moving of Wired Ventures Ltd, a community that has grown so large we don't even recognize everyone anymore!

So let's party together in the old Wired space - one last huzzah before it turns earthquake proof.

There will be two floors of fun set up for y'all - one for dancing, one for chilling. Beverages and food will be free inside after a small donation at the door.

This party is for _friends and family_ of Wired and HotWired. Please keep it that way.

Address any questions, suggestions, or concerns my way.

Justin (ext. 6355)
Martin O'Brian is helping me.

Justin Hall         (415)222-6355 [vox]
Editorial Assistant    510 3rd St.               (415)222-6369 [fax]
HotWired               San Francisco, CA 94107

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The party went down alright - somehow we had security to make sure no one was out of line. i think we took it too seriously -

since wired had fronted the cash, and it was sposed to be our little thing, we didn't extend the invite too wide. we had a guest list that gave some friends some grief. I don't think we ended up charging money, but maybe we did. we could have fit many more people.

mostly hotwired folks, wired folks, a few cyborganics showed up. bruce sterling and eric adigard, louis and jane showed up, louis lingered a long time.

I recieved a lot of help from the petersens

I put on a steve speer video, and some people seemed to lose their mind.

I went over to the new wired offices to steal some back issues to look at under black light, and thus was the first person to set off the new alarm system and incur (the company) a $200 fine.

Someone was nice enough to take some pictures while the party was in progress.

in the end, it was too much space set aside for too few people. it was weird - band/djs/refreshments/cool space/good people,
but the population density was too low for even that cool a space - at the height, there couldn't have been more than a dozen or dozen and a half people on the floor that had been set aside for dancing.

most people hung out in the kitchen near natalia's trashcan full of san gria.

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