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Sex Drugs and Aphrodisiacs

Almost every vitamin purports to augment potency. As if males are that stupid and penis-centered.

I read an article about sex drug and aphrodisiacs, and immediately went to a health food store and purchased all the legal ones.

May 1995: After taking the minimum recommended dose of all of them after a double-cheeseburger lunch, I can safely say they induce an altered state. In spite of my few fours hours sleep last night, I am a bit peppy, and feel actually flushed and tingly sometimes - in my extremities. The back of my neck was burning something feirce, now it has calmed to a low warmpth.

I introduced about six sex sustaining substances into my body at each meal for two weeks. I started masturbating like a fiend, even though I had been diagnosed with an STD, on medication and not supposed to edjaculate. I had two wet dreams within four days, so seemed something my body was into.

I stopped using them soon, because it was like I was fifteen again, stimulating myself at the cost of productivity and relationships.

I haven't yet tried any of these in the proper circumstances
(what's the use of sustained erection alone?)

Legal Highs

Health Food Store Purchasables

Vitamin B3: Niacin

I took one of these capsules every morning for a couple weeks. I've found the effects are accentuated on a full stomach. Niacin makes me flush something terrible, my skin feels prikly all over, starting on my neck, and spreading to my face, chest and arms. People really freak out when they see me. I made the mistake of taking Niacin and trying to hitchhike in Palo Alto, I think people thought I was on drugs.
But hey, it's neat to feel weird every morning. It's only mildly unpleasant, and it's easy to think it feels cool.
I stopped taking 500 mg every morning when I developed terrible stomach gas - causing me pain when I swallow. I think 500mg is too much for my scrawny ass.


An Amino Acid that provides nitrogen, which in turn "helps ensure quicker, larger, harder, and longer-lasting erections."
Personally, I wouldn't trace the root of my present sexual problems to this. I need a reason to have erections before I want harder and longer-lasting ones.

Vitamin B-5: pantothenic acid

Reported to increase sexual stamina and relax muscles.


Augments male sex drive. From Africa, where it was reported to fuel extended orgiastic rituals. I could only find it in liquid extract, bitter tasting bark juice squeeze bottle, diluted in water, puckers your mouth.
I get a persistent woody oftentimes when I drink it. The kind of hard on that doesn't quit. Like when you were young in high school and your penis would get hard against the school desk for no reason and it would last and last and strain against your pants. Having a yohimbe woody is sometimes painful, like you're still hard even after you've edjaculated. That can be useful.
A friend took it, after several months without her period, that day she started bleeding.

Herbal Ecstacy

A big marketing campaign, these butterfly identified blue pills litter the head shops of the Haight. At $20 for 10, and 5 to 10 to get off, it's cheaper than the real thing.
I took some of it, after Jeeks reported (after 15 on an empty stomach) that he couldn't believe it was legal. I didn't find it all that amazing, just peppizing, but I was also on GHB at the time.

Harder to Find

In search of these, I visited six pharmacies in Reynoso, Mexico, just across the border. None of them had this stuff in the straight form, I had to look them up in a Physician's Desk Reference to get the manufactured name under which the drug was sold. Even then, the pharmacies only carried those drugs that are produced in Mexico, which is a very few.


I figure I might have enough of this, but I'm still trying to find a little extra...


I found this drug for sale across the border, under the name of Parlodel (mfg. Sandoz Pharmecuiticals). It is supposed to enhance libido, and sustain erection, again, I am waiting for more favourable circumstances.


I asked my uncle about this one, he sez my grampa takes this for his parkinsons. He sez it wrenches Grampa's stomach, he has to take another drug to compensate.
Deprenyl was listed under Selegiline Hydrochloride, which is not manufactured in Mexico (at least not where I was at).
My sister Lynn was after Deprenyl to sustain vitality.

GHB - Gamma Hydroxubutyrate

started a separate page on this


this is what they named the over-the-counter shit after; I've taken it and written some about ex.


Jeff Greenwald's Sex Drugs piece in Details magazine. He boned up with Better Sex Through Chemistry (orderable at (800)-9SMART3).

The herbal info came from The Magical and Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs by Richard Alan Miller, published by Destiny Books, Rochester Vermont.

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