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I gotta travelled light
had a nice campin' backpack with lots of little pockets

a good exercise in minimizing my life-baggage

flip flops
two pants - courduroy and thin elastic waist
army greens purchased in tucson
two shorts
three boxers
four sock pairs
two t-shirts
suit (pants, jacket, shirt, tie, vest?)
never worn. not ensemble, just shirt, tie once.

blanket, not sleeping bag

it's hot down south, too hot for the bag I got. and I should be sleepin' with folks most often. pretty bulky to carry.
jerry observed it's a measure of independence.
since I was in cities, I thought to bring a blanket would protect me from bus terminal chills.

tool belt
digital camera/ac adapter/cables/disks
powerbook/power pack/appletalk connection/phone line

pocket i ching, pocket tao, pocket walden.
given a pocket bible in mobile.

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