Digital Storytelling Festival
Crested Butte, Colorado
September '99

consolizing the web

new job:
older, icq, tribe

immersion - new learning

new consoles
ttt movie
web power
dreamcast, playstation 2, nintendo dolphin
mario's machine becomes the way to the web for many

future directions for storytelling in this world:
games - FF9 has 40$mil budget and competes with lucas
web - increasing consolization of websites.

before job - old gaming
some screenshots to give you a sense of game interfaces:

Neuromancer - shot - 1988
Circuit's Edge - shot - 1990
Dune 2 - shot - 1992
Rage of Mages - shot - 1998
games like web pages - panes and frames - navigation

pages of potential panelists

cam window
popup guests

big easy images - stapler dustbuster

size/aspect ratio - deep clicking, not down clicking (wirednews)
people browse the web with a joystick
lightening the online reading load = fun
Peter Greenaway's film The Pillow Book for information layering, the brain as a funkdified alternative way to navigate otherwise static info, esheep is the bomb, nest magazine, mindex maybe useful for you.
games: shenmue: people, weather, jobs, the sims: family raising through environment rich features.


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