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That first guy came to Software Etc bought a shitload of cheap golf games, then paid 14 year old me 20 dollars an hour to come over to set them up.
Being young, my school Parker connections: my history teacher's mother Yolanda, the Ponds, doing freelance work for friends of friends and others. Mostly teaching DOS WordPerfect to absolute newbies - members of pre-computer generations.

My best job was as a 15 year old getting paid $40 an hour to teach legal secretaries to use Time Slips III, a program I had half an hour's experience with.

I look back on consulting as good experience making computers accessible to people.

I also learned how bloody lucrative the computer industry could be. Problem with the kind of consulting I was in, there was little creation involved, mostly tooling around in dusty Leading Edge PC crap-outs, trying to figure out if I stuck the floppy cable in right-side up.

From here, I went on to work for a decent $6 an hour at Kanbay, by now I had graduated to Local Area Networks, with the help of my friend Brian.

The next summer was networks and money, a cush job with lots of pretty people, $10 an hour at the Boston Consulting Group. I even had sex while I worked there!

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