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sixteen 11/14/99
Sixteen years after he died finds me still alive.
in a civil tone 11/14/95
I am trying to take on a more civil tone with my father these days.
mistguided 11/23/94
Angered musing over my father's suicide, particularly his note, prompted by my Grandmother's telling me that she heard I was the last one to speak with him before he died.
legacy 11/14/94
Long, angered musing over my father's suicide, particularly his legacy, prompted by the 11th anniversary of his death.
At a Birthday Party for a Dead Man 2/3/94
Poem written about my Dad two days before his 69th birthday. Dig that funky structure!
Search for Father 12/8/93
An early consideration of his life, and my identity as distinct from him. Heck - everything the title inspires.
Dinner with my Father 11/30/92
During my junior year in high school, I explored what it would be like to go to Dinner with my Father.
untitled 6/22/92
Putting myself in his velour home lounge wear on a late weekend nite.
Holiness 7/1/91
One of my first poems about my dad, if not the first. Inspired by the picture to the left. Click on it - check out that facial expression.
He bears a passing resemblance to Richard Cory
He Wrote Letters.

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