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no picture! Jenni became my neighbor when I moved from 1240 to East LSD. That was a chi-chi uppercrust building, and I guess in her way Jenni was an upper crust chick.

Not that she was haughty, she wasn't, at least not with me. She made fun of me because I was strange, but she wanted to know what I did, to learn almost it seemed. She had this weird habit of picking up odd words or ideas and using them almost correctly. I couldn't tell if she was trying to be smart or funny. She was pretty earnest.

And she was pretty. I think I had my chance to fool around with her when the hormones were first kicking, in late grade school. We chatted about it alone in her room. Somehow I kept talking and didn't move (if it was my job). Later I was sad about that, when we were neighbors I hoped we might put on some Barry White, but she was either dating Cameron or I was just too weird or verbal or something.

She and Megan were tight in 5th grade, and I think the explosion of their power-base/friendship was the first large scale social machination I'd witnessed. Man, that was bitter. They both theorize, I believe, that the homeroom teacher had a large hand in it. Weird scene.

Later she was friends with Leigh. And after that she dated some stud with a nice car who I think was rumoured to do drugs and nobody really knew him and whoa wasn't that wild.

Last I heard, she's living in Los Angeles. She's got entertainment in her blood, perhaps by transfusion. I believe she's trying to be an actor/producer/writer.

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