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10/27 Thursday - 12.30am
HotWired is abuzz, people locked into their terminals like it was 12 noon, not midnight. Everyone is here, except Howard and Jonathan, Sabine, Lisa and AA. A lot of positive energy, group happiness, as the musical history of Jamaica floats through the room.

I've been collecting more HotPredictions tonight, those will be good to have. This is going to be a time I will want to remember, and yet, here I am. It is weird... Just recieved two Jane's tapes in the mail and on the Madrid '91 Perry says "You can't even appreciate now. You appreciate your memories." and while its not that profound, it keeps ringing through my head during this very memorable period.

But the pace of life, that will make it so memorable, drives it by so fast! In the flurry of planning for the HotWired party, working on last minute stuff, etc., there's no time for pause. I have been at work for over twelve hours.

I slept for several hours - work up at 5 something. Listening to Jimi - 1983 - "well its too bad that our friends can't be with us today" "the machine that we built will never save us, that's what they say..." HotWired?

So much positive energy here now... I love these fucking predictions! I'm so glad to have collected them! So very telling...

So HotWired is launched - a sense of history pervading the room, as Louis thanks everyone and we toast with champagne and clap for each other - all captured on video. A subdued sense, perhaps, not group energy as much as the Andrew and Louis show, thank you.

chart After mimosas and speeches, the grand software switch was thrown and we watched the first user log in from SGI. After a few minutes of satisfied chatting, the power went out. Lights, computers everything but the web serving Indys, which were on ups (universal power source). A fuse was switched, the lights came back on, only to go out again a few minutes later.

What were they trying to tell us?

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