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spring '94

Jerry gone to Belize, I hung out more alone with Mike and sometimes Maud.

I started playing heavy on the web.

Chandra I made a few friends, Chandra, my girlfriend.


Latin American History
Jerome Wood
English 45: Modern British Poetry
Nathalie Anderson
Computer Science 20: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Charles Kelemen
I failed this class for want of daily discipline, and perhaps too many other projects. I was taking five credits, and I'd just begun to work on the web.
Failing this class very quickly instructed me that I am not ideally suited to the arcane programming side of computers. I learn what I need to get by, but I am primarily a publisher.
Fault for not passing lies of course in my hands, though I found the class presumed a level of programming dedication alienating to the more meandering humanities types. Classroom instruction was minimal.
Politics of South and SouthEast Asia
Deepa Ollapaly
5.8.94: Prostitution in Thailand
John Hassett

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