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i brought two bags with me:

one, mi bolsa, a suede christmas gift from peter and chris that i still hadn't found use for the day i was cleaning out my dorm room.

that was for like pens, camera, dictionary, notebook.

the other, mi mochila,
i bought a used worn US army pack, so that it would not look that nice or stand out and i would know that it could take a beating. it ended up being the same pack that a number of old miskitos had. i had to repair it some, no problem, though i did bend some needles doing so.


s/c/wooda brought these things:

items in bold i borrowed, bought or could have, in honduras

monocular, micro/cassette recorder, more film, garlic, toilet paper, another bandana, more/stronger sewing needles, candles, calculator, badass multivitamin, compass, amy, disinfectant, aloe, rain jacket, rubber boots, plastic gallon jug, thin wire, pencil eraser, portable spanish-english translation computer, magnifying glass, latin american phrase book, strong rubber bands, trash bags (kitchen and large), caribenears, more good socks, more good underwear, a tape of music i like, conversion table, permanent marker, a tan.

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