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How did I get started on the web?

I first saw the internet in 1988 and wrote about it in 1991.

In December 1993, as a freshman in college, I was inspired to explore web by this article by John Markoff,

then these things happened to me as I started publishing on the web in January 1994.


early 1994 version of my web page
oldest bio, post-wired bio, more current bio
after my site grew from just pure links to more self-awareness, after wired, i developed my own masthead and later developed a more elaborate "about this site" section
early comments and visitors.

when i first started on the web, i wrote a ton of link reviews. here are some defunct links that i wrote about.

this was my primary table of contents back then:
(dated versions of these links lay in /www/)

Table o' content:

  1. Most people seem to come to my pages for the sexy stuff
  2. A page of Nifty Net Nuggets includes:
  3. Weird Perspectives and Personalities on the Web
  4. Worship on the Web - Cult Figures and Spirituality
  5. Engage the web with these Interactive Endeavors
  6. I am proud to present my pondorous Politix Page, which pokes phun at politicians
  7. - News feeds, past and current events, and overviews of it all.
  8. For the latest in law, my Legal Beat
  9. Rough though it may be, it is what I am: the Web Publishers page
  10. I have coordinated some Commercial Connections
  11. Oscillate your oculars over my Eye Candy page
  12. Featuring the fabulous listing of Music Resources on the Net
  13. Announcing the amazing: Links to the Literary
  14. Feeling those isolated terminal blues? Connect to a Community!
  15. Looking for anything on the web? Try Links to Lists and Lists of Links pinpoints pages that will aid your search.
  16. I have one or two Science sites that are worth checking out

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