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Sublime Chandra
a-p's-in' 4/29/94
sexy! punchy! p-ridden!
between visits 4/30/94
Attempt to capture, or at least celebrate, her elusive quality.
playing aground 4/94
An image and a rhyme - pretty incoherent I guess, but at least it's short!
don't forget 6/23/94
Writhing in rhymes - an exhaltative punchy rhyming sequence about unity, you and me, what could be, whoops. Does it get tired quick? It's better when I read it (insert sound link here TK)
Marked by the Moon, Strengthened by Saturn 10/6/94
A kind of fairy tale, the piece I wrote that was most accessble to Chen.
moving on 10/30/94
she's "moving on," I feel shitty.
fear of flight 11/23/94
Exposing and examining some of my deep seeded fears that cropped up in a personal relationship. I like that last rhyming stanza.
anger 12/8/94
lotta anger. whole lotta anger.
river run (1 meg aiff) 1/20/95
Consideration of a breakup.
one year 4/14/95
sober love for an anniversary.
chandreturn 9/7/95
new semester, new dynamic?
Chandra's own musings on evil 2/15/96

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