January 14, 1996

in a week I return to Swarthmore

for my last saturday night in San Francisco,
I enjoyed a hard core lonely geek out.

Aaron afternoon and evening scanning and photoshopping -

drafting a faq

site specifics and story

including pages on young publishers I've known and loved -

bianca and suck

I took an hour and some break
to listen to Ultra Violet play at the Brainwash

laundromat and coffee house
somehow I got this pleasant hard folk group
confused with a lesbian punk band I remember fondly
seen with Jerry in the Haight
I remember the lead singer, she
was striking, androgynous, sat down next to me after
singing scathing writhing nashin' bashin' punk out -
tonight, I was not up for the white person
get wired on caffeine and sit and watch other people perform thing

Steve I returned to Cyborganic and spent the last seven hours
eating leftover stew,

listening to international music,
Raina talking to almost albumed Steve,

and making these pages reflect more my visual sensibilities,
like this front page hand written,

a few of my friends hand drawn.