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F ondly A nswered Q uestions

what is this site?
Links from the Underground - a view of the web, one person's publishment pulpit.
how do I wade my way through this mess?
there's an overview, and some tips. also, a search engine.
who runs it?
a guy named justin - you can read the story behind this web page if you like.
Cuz he wanted to be a writer, and be published, and now he is! So priviledged, he'd like to help other folks.
who pays for it?
you do. his mom helps/has helped. he does.
who reads it?
Read the stats.

At the peak, Links from the Underground got 27,000 visiting sites a day, mostly for the sex stuff. It varies widely.

send me some sexy pictures/movies/sound files/pictures of your naked...!
I'm looking for cigars/amphetamine recipies/child care on the net!
Try AltaVista, Yahoo and Lycos - that's what I would do.

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