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oct 9

medical waste on the way to work
zanex pack between the tracks
syringe on the seat
this arrived monday

Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 17:32:17 -0400
Subject: The Out 100

Dear Justin:

You've been nominated to join Out magazine's 1996 Out 100 list (this is a year-end list of gay and lesbian movers and shakers). I need to double-check that it's okay to identify and include you as an out gay (or bi?) man. I'd also appreciate a little bit of info about what your specific involvement with Electric Minds will be. E-mail me here (to my attention) or call me.

Deb Schwartz
Research Editor

I sent a letter to a cyborganic mailing list asking for other nominees -
"I'm not bisexual enough, really."

rumour has it I was nominated by paulina borstook.

I've never met her
how strange.

I saw "credit card membership fee"
for $18
turned up on my credit card statement
15 minutes on hold
hello, I'm calling about a credit card membership fee showed up on my statement

what's your account number?
okay, I've credited your account, you won't be charged that any more.

what, no questions? I didn't bother to ask what it was for
but it really made me super suspicious of the bank
that they would just add and remove something so ? so fast.

what about all the people that didn't call to check that out?

dinner with tricia and caleb
gourmet consumption

he is drunk in her love
and she strong in his
they are a good match

we talk some cyborganic business
I think my hosts would like to join advertising forces
I've not heard the terms?
but I've grown quickly attached to my small is beautiful deal

tricia has found a labour engagement
she is today a valuable skill set

so valuable, it is a short term engagement
enough, perhaps to support a writer's life

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