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oct 26

we I spent the afternoon with chandra
aside from the usual
for which I'd mentally prepared
the worst sign is

she doesn't like wilson.

I wrote this day in my journal-

I make a notebook my constant companion
oldtech - handwriting
why double work?
especially dumb at 2am.

I blew it up so you could maybe read it
if you can't,
click on it or
send me e-mail

I'll be in tomorrow,
I'll type a translation

journal include 1/3
elly on spacebar

up in the left corner is brief notes from ken gergen visited san francisco and talked e-minds

journal include 2/3
portions were removed.

the comment about black men was hers.

that little dude-art isn't mine, it's some graffitti artist I see all over the city and record in my notebook.

journal include 3/3
astrology, etc.
I logged in late night from sfnet

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