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oct 27

king scoot

today I saw sides of scooter
like the morning, we spoke
he said he'd eaten, he was entertaining a friend

so I did my thang
headed out to brunch
ran into wayne chomping in the neighborhood
with meg
an activist
one of those non-stop politicals
perhaps I fed her fire either way she was exciteable

what was nice that she knows folks at a place I tried to get online

la raza centro legal in the mission
if by trying to get online I mean showing up once and talking a lot of shit
so she volunteered to liason between me and them,
to get them to give stuff for the web page
to get me to teach and help build
that's perfect - help me be used

it was sort of an appropriate discussion
especially given wayne's geekcereal post of last week
right, how to contribute to a less caucasian internet

when she left, and we left
cuz we were both soma bound
wayne wasn't so pumped on the politics
yeah, I was burnt out on talking about it too

but the time involved and all that
wasn't his thing

later on in the day
I'm working
I've got a spacebar window open
I'm kinda lonely
I mean, it's dinner time, my friends are carving pumpkins

and I'm making books into web pages

wayne bops in to ask me a question

what's up?
and I answer
and I ask him whassup in return
and he's gone

and I got a little frustrated
like don't ask me a question if there's no quid pro quo
it's one thing to say just this and I gotta go
but another thing to just drift

so I thought, perhaps it's because I have a cold
my attitude, my energy is down
I need more from people
perhaps wayne's not so into folks who need stuff from him

not right now.

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