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comb-ed glee, me. oct 25

come over here,

wayne sez

in a while,this is the first chance I've had in a while to crank on my web page.

your personal web page?


so I astrologied,

I worked on becky some,

cuz I been gettin' mad letters from her

dose eyesweird what excerpted eyes'll do.

how come all my friends is crazy?

as ever, janes is the best soundtrack.
definitely moral anarchy.

since nietzsche, perhaps, we've lacked father.

call me spouting,
I'll save you pontification here, add it to my book.

I think I scared the cleaning people,
lo siento, neccessito bailar.
chatting late night with rebecca, on spacebar,
I'm "cute and paste"ing in lines from my booktext (at 11k words now):

"a distance trade off for systemic assuration"

"there are so many things in here that I have implicitly or not identified as historical truths - the existence of human spirit, of relationships, of poor smells associated with tools of transit"

"you can even use a myriad range of systems to understand youself"

and I realize,
it's a bit of a bridge. there's some hackneyed theory. some so-early-ninties revelations.

people at swarthmore, they might say, yeah, so?
and some other people.

but there's folks like me who are just stumbling on this stuff! and trying to connect it all together to make meaning!


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