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may 1

celtic knot happy beltane,
I believe it is the opposite of Halloween,

spring celebration of life

I sent holiday greetings to ephedra,
it still blows me away that she predicted my problem
I let myself have some magic
but i forgit to retake nettles;
good thing i have this web page to remind me.

being sick makes me even less excited to use my voice this way

tender from coughing, speaking to silicon secretary is straining.

something mis predicted at eminds,

I guess not so many people want to talk about technology and society,
or all they want to do is talk and they don't read the articles,
or they didn't tell their friends,
or its too rarified for to have high capital outlay
low overhead, low overhead

pure filth strange enough, heard the eminds layoff news from Carl,

"bastard son of louis rossetto"
of called me back,
we spoke of Honduras, he said why leave?
if you want cultural difference, go hang out at a McDonald's.
dont miss these - and they think i'm weird.

birthdays: Leigh and Wayne today, Jennifer tomorrow
someone asked me to remove something
I have few specific objections,

but so few productive hours online,
removing inspires editing, and the whole thing seems so dated,
my autobiography needs desperately to be rewritten,
i contemplate a broad disclaimer of chronological mintentedo
while I can barely write papers and extend my weekly diary

which I found again so useful, when I could see by a search for snot

that I was similarly sick this time last year.

and contemplating more adventure,
or maybe not, I'm so typical,

Justin, why Honduras to learn Spanish?
because it has the fewest foreign language programs.
as the PoMo proto white guy, I want to avoid as many Americans as possible.
it's got to be real.

Jesus, that's absurd. What's real. Real is Chester, right next door.
adventure is weird diseases, and big needles.

adventure just might be two months
with no direction home, a complete unknown,
I have enough Spanish to try to say "where is the bed" and end up saying, "where is my head"
the school I was considering is located in "the party town"
so I will instead fly in to somewhere else, and find my way from there.

buddy pope faith on arrival has served me impeccably,
  • Mobile on Memorial day
  • may 28th and Bourbon street

  • I will soon see Amy,
    my school stress makes the distance less tasty,
    so much to finish, I can't keep her always in mind,
    after so many months of lungering,
    ess driven, less poetic.
    seeing her will be the body poetic, remindher,
    and I'm just so ready to meet her mom.

    maybe I have found another outlet:
    I am in some casual Shakespeare,
    with some loaded lines,
    also a cameo in the most recent Cabaret
    thanks wil

    I just luv acting,

    pour out energy at some churlish priest,
    pretend to be a gangsta
    during practice I do it weird, goof or yell
    find unlikely large characters in small parts
    I don't know that I'm easy to direct, but I
    I, I'm having fun, and I know my lines,
    and it will turn out great and visible on production night.

    lesson from this experience? I should direct. I have some great ideas. I fantasize enormous spectacles populated by friends and familiars careening about choreographed performing their personal perfect pith -

    scale dreams

    while I wander Honduran roadbacks without a web.

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