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3 december

i return from thanksgiving,

i spent my time in san francisco,
i cooked with/for my baby.

thanks to mom and kiersti, amy's roommate, and deborah, amy's step-mom, things turned out good. the turkey had crispy skin and juicy flesh. the popper wouldn't come out, cuz of grease - we basted the thing every twenty minutes, which made it succulent, but made a 12 pound turkey take 4 hours to cook. we basted it with wine and bacon grease, hah! how decadent. amy made yams covered in over six 6 six sticks of butter, yes, it was like sweet soup until cold and then it was a strange yellow madness.

the stuffing turned out too, and potaters, with roasted garlic.

amy's dad was as much the guest of honour as anybody, and he seemed impressed with my cooking (more than he has been with my wardrobe and social overbearingness). amy gave him a copy she'd painted of an edward hopper piece of a lady in a cafe, he asked me to carry it to the car, "son."


amy and i talked of moving in together in oakland after i finish college - in addition to time to love to gether, it's advantageous living situationally.

together we made a little art, integrated sublimation of our otherwise rampant sexuality
i travelled with her to mills to see her work the moog, and to check out her sculpture. amy's aesthetic is rougher than mine, i think; she purposefully avoids neatening things but builds rough tactile structure. her moog/audio class final project was nina simone reverbed and flanged with artic wastelands and machine heartbeats colliding - like being flagellated with audio noodles, wild. i want a copy for my radio show.

her sculpture strained to move - like pieces leaning with pride in a precarious state,

while i was on hand, she posted up something online for mousy. egg droppings: grid: a combination fortune cookie, comic book, inverse purina cat chow logo, and bipolar family album. i love it.

at around five am i woke up, she was not in bed. i remember seeing in sleep her leaving the room with her lopi. i went out to the couch where i found her sleeping. "i wanted you to wake up and find me gone" she said. that night was our last, i had refused her advances; i was too tired, i thought, to make good love.

i visited howard, he and i worked on his personal web site, soon coming. like 1995. i recently updated my eminds coverage to reflect our working together.

i stayed a few extra days away from swarthmore to attend a seek conference on emerging business cultures. it was the first conference thrown by a pair of swedish young ladies, with incidental help from a young woman i courted in 1996; there are not enough saavy attractive young women out there?

the conference had product demos: firefly, wildfire, a release 1.0 person talking about icq and buddy lists,
buddy lists and bernoulli principle being the latest jargon words i noticed
buddy list is software or tool that basically surveills your friends and let's you know when they login. icq will keep a list of your online buddies and let you know when they can chat with you, etc.
bernoulli principle i haven't had time to research.

from jonathan steuer to mad duck martin kraft, i was passed icq. then i see other swatties have it. then people speaking at conferences. lots of people seem to have installed this. i am into the idea, it's an easy way to drop someone a line. i installed it, dropped a few folks some few lines, and now it's another mostly defunct tech. check it out - it's an interesting way to use the net. somewhere between chat and e-mail, but i have the macintosh client, so i don't have all the features that it can offer.
(gary observed the convergeance of surveillance and entertainment.)

mitch kapor - "a new company will come to resemble it's market more than it's maker."
(he started "lotus")
sez jp barlow

it was like being a part of a community that did not exist. i am not swedish, nor nearly scandinavian (maybe somewhere in my distant past); it seemed at times to be a weird gathering of foreign folks in the states, i mean, why here? why them? why me?

and everybody alternating checking their voicemail and cellphones now and leaving and coming and going you establish maybe a handshake but cards are seeming so gauche so people instead will plan to see each other at the next conference info download when someone else will have to be doing something new and exciting and threatening to human identity, privacy and secular liberal moral reasoning.

fortunately, i was not asked to speak, except by a young man who was not part of the proceedings. mine was a shout simple questions from the back role, which i enjoyed.

during demos, and between networking i sketched out the final idea on this: sharing, what i'll do after college. it stems in part from working out freelance scenarios with howard, and in part from working out with amy both what our lifestyle would look like and cost.

i become more and more excited, like the idea that last captured me in this fashion was travelling and testing web publishing accessibility. well, now i will test independence of web publishers. i'm ready.


to determine the absoluate potential independence of a personal internet publisher.

besides that, i continued work revising the back end of my site. i think i've decided that when i am no longer attached to providing daily insight here, i can better develop stories from my past. so, instead of late november, there's doug block and electric minds.

website recommended to me: liquid mind

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 05:05:36 -0800
From: ryan james shaw
Subject: nike

saw wayne bremser's reply to your recent comment on the apple adverts.

commercialism and advertising has always held a sick sort of fascination with me. especially logos, identity, et al.

here's a url that you might be interested in:

remember those blue ribbon banners? well this guy is fighting _for_ nike, it seems he thinks they've gotten a bad rap and that they "make the coolest clothing". support the megacorps! put a banner on your site!

strange things on the net.

ryan shaw

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