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ecstatic dance

19 december

for my technology self and society class final project, i did an interpretive dance

you know, get offline, away from textuality and all this words stuff

after 12 hours making 11 minutes of 8 layered sound
and 5 hours choreographing myself
and ten minutes of practice merging the two,

i performed it last night
i think it turned out good:
i repelled and scared some people
wilson accuses me of getting an erection during the performance
(my costume was boxer shorts
so i could do body percussion
with band-aids over my nipples
so i'd have a visually smooth chest

i had first tried to dance with the music, and then i shut it off.
i moved independent of but maddened by the noise
i twitched and rolled and walked and slapped my thighs and pushed lewdly against the floor and made my face and chest turn red as i gnashed my teeth,
i wiggled my eyes a lot
i finished my steps too quickly -
i stood like a surfer-forward for 60 seconds

i didn't introduce it, i didn't follow it up,
no verbiage.
i saw it on video today, probably too long for quicktime,
it looked improvised and unpolished but parts were thoughtful, the whole was.

eve and wayne were both here, hallelujah. what kindness, visitors.

mary gergen said i looked right through her during the dance,

like i was trying to convert her

funky mama ken gergen asked me how i was, said i seem more subdued recently,
i blamed amy - she gives me a happy energy place
or at least consuming my fire
transmuting it into video and performance
that girl, she is a priority in my life
times of stress, things get tough, but she's got some tough love
and so do i, hell yeah.

i like listening to techno, house or jungle music while i study
every once in a while, it makes me get up and dance;
good study break.

finished my dance final exam/paper

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