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31 january

last night i was at a book signing for "the ultimate guide to anal sex for women" by tristan taormino. monitors on all sides provided nonstop quickpaced video footage of cumshots and anal sex. girls in gogo suits shook it on small platforms. bands: puss pie and hevy floe thrasted on stage nearby. buttplugs of all shapes and ethnicities for sale.

it was a bit whelming - how are you supposed to relate to people in that environment?

the crowd was part sex hipster, part regular hipster, part academic seeming, and part investment banker. there was no naked twister, so besides the selling and the adorned, everyone was a spectator.

my brother colin is thanked in the aknowledgements of this book. is that not cool?

i tried to talk with the author some, she seemed the most promising company. unfortunately shell shocked and not wanting to use me to gather her thoughts.

came back from new york at an ungodly hour at an ungodly price on amtrak
after staying up late to watch thunderheart (cable), and anime/hentai i purchased with eve in the land of sin

so i woke up and came to swarthmore early to finish my adult literacy tutoring training with the center for literacy in philadelphia
i'm now a certified "tutor of adult literacy"

ben sez,
chester, now that you can read, you think you're gonna graduate?

i was going to use my special powers to help dudes in jail read better,
but the only times for visiting the incarcerated are on the weekends, and due to visiting colin amy and whatnot, i miss many weekends -
i decided against promising an inmate more contact than i could provide.

but now that i'm trained, i feel confident i'll have an opportunity tu totor soon.

researching food technology, staying up late thesizing instead of cavorting,
so i'm eating shitty chippies to compensate for drinking and smoking,
most snack chips i've noticed have MSG in them

so i decided to research msg online,
found immediately both sides of the issue, ignoring each other: and

eventually, my sleepless state resulted in extensive /dox/flix/anime section development and very little thesis continuity.

and some old english memorization.
i signed up for history of the language, i thought i was getting linguistics!
i am, but first i have to memorize another foreign #!@$*!@& language!

neil and i new poor colour action photos of my computer programming with neil last semester!

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