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3 february

lately i realized,
sleep uber alles!

sleep is the key.
the more i have the better i act the more confidence the more memory and energy

so i go to bed instead of indulge my head.
late night upstay means i surf and write more,
that's okay, if it's thesis directed,

but just this night,
after a chimay and john woo's film the killer

excellent, aggressive and touching.
quite engaging use of timing - slowed and sped film replay rates.

restless, surfing some,
the cult of personal pages online, i keep up with
some entitlement feelings on my part, to be sure
from whence am i linked? recognized?
but hey - i got my own thing.

my own thing tomorrow night is with wilson, duncan and ben,

we're showing ninja scroll on campus,
part of two fisted features,
an effort to expand base entertainment on this campus.
there's something going on online.
i don't want to spend too much time gazing at my navel
(when i could be reflecting on my penis!)

this page is something about communication
direct, personal, easy to read (may be hard to follow)
some personal pages push the artistry of the medium in directions i don't always understand
i guess i'm just biased against "frames"
i surf with a 14 inch monitor, a 100mhz cpu, and netscape 3,
and that ain't always so frames friendly.

but they're stroking different folks
something like that.

tonight's vanity license plait is based on
maggy's water,
a heavy-flowin' well observed personal site.
have you been there?
i have trouble reading it - i tried some adult bedtime stories, but i don't have real audio or enough room in my browser window to read anything.

the site is pretty, and she looks pretty though.

sonny! i feel like an old man.
plenty of kids i know say as much of me
i want to settle down, start cooking amy and i some good food

i'm taking a clash on the history of the english language
it's fascinating,
but so much #$&*! memorization of old english verb forms,

anyways, i'm discovering that i have constructed my own english
i mean, the teacher will tell us how something works in modern standard english
but that's not what i speak!

i speak a dialect informed by

  1. a welsh nanny my mother hired to raise me from 3-9yrs
    sometimes i say:
    ruhf (roof)
    ruhm (room)
  2. summers in nebraska
    rut (root)
  3. growing up in chicago / the midwest
  4. time travelling
  5. and all sorts of media and friends

when someone talks different than they sposed to,

(let alone writes that way)
it evokes a particularity, often a charming one
i un/consciously imitate it in short order

i like writing like i hear people talk
and i have friends that have their own language.

here, at this web site,
you'll find
many grammical mistakes on purpose.

it's all a cover for some massive ignorance and a refusal to bow down to my literary elders.
unfortunately, i found a publishing medium before i learned to spell correctly.
someday, i'll penny-poor and page-foolish

like this lowercase shit - am i really going to keep up with this for the rest of my writing life?
i mean it's okay for some diary entries,

but my thesis?

teachers last semester requested i capitalize things
i found it taxed my hands some.
heck, i'm traint myself against it.

in history of the language, i'm learning a phoenetic alphabet.
it's fun, i'll share some with you.


after sleep!

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