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6 february

from howard's community, he started something he can keep track of, friends speaking in relation to the ideas encapsulated in his site web.

Hey, I am updating my pages more often than you are!! HAHAHAHA
so i have to introduce myself there, i relish the chance
in the face of my excitement, i must control my typing output.

where i sit:

7:22) 05-FEB-98 13:17 justin allyn hall (justin)
i'm sitting in worth, an old dormitory at swarthmore where i'm in college. i think it's supposed to look old and british - cobblestones and stone shingles outside, woodlined doors inside. so there's old materials, and i'm reminded by the mirror high above my desk - i can't see myself, but i can see out the bank of old grid-windows behind me, to some green, and GREY.

that's the weather.

there's a picture of amy looking up at me with some serious pride. it's a self portrait she took this summer with my camera.

there's george's 1986 sony cd player that still works, now with LTJ bukem's infinite progression playing.

the schedule for the radio station sits on my desk, awaiting webifaction. my pilot 5k lays there too, with tubes of cream for my RSI, a mostly eaten banana, a tweed hat, chinese iron balls for health, an empty bottle of affligem ale, bright pink string, pj harvey, brewer's yeast, index cards, a scented candle, a large water bottle half refilled, the i ching, a tape dom made for me, vitamins.

next to me a bookshelf with stuff on old english, film, technology history, media and the future. gospel, blues, jungle, rock cds. overflowing snailmail bins. anime videotapes. ezdrive backup cartridges.

taped to the side of the shelf, an old computer punchcard with "DORK" written on it. someone taped it to me last semester. below that, a color xerox of dizzy gillespie from wayne.

a cantileavered shelf projects itself out from the bookshelf over my monitor, there rest more pictures of amy, lynn, teas, speakers, candles.

a small whiteboard next to the mirror contains my scribbles, numbers, mustdos - i love them whiteboard things under that, nailed up a painted handkerchief given to me by nhk tv.

i lately realized my chair is too short, so i'm goin' sit on a telephone book soon as i can find one.

out my door to my left i can see the doors of both of my roommates, ben and wilson. it's key i keep an eye on them two - sure it's distracting, but they provide much of the collegiality here.

over my head is a nailed a blousing paisley tablecloth i found in my house in chicago.

in the midst of this, i realized i had recently prepared pictures of this whole scene for my site (back in neater days):

where i sit

if your bandwidth can stand it, huge-ass 500k blowup.

okay, that's where i sit. 'til june, then i'm goin' move and sit on amy.

14:11) [Seen] 05-FEB-98 13:47 justin allyn hall (justin)

i'm in delaware county pennsylvania.J this college is located in the town of swarthmore, in the wealthy quaker suburbs of philadelphia.J it's a dry town - no booze sold or sposed to be drunk.

nearby is chester, where the poor african american staff of the college live.

in the other direction is springfield, and a town called "media" - mostly strip malls and cheesesteak and the same pizza joint over and over again, the only qualifying difference being whether they'll put spinach on a pie or not.

i'm still trying to learn to love the area around swarthmore - one of those places that hates pedestrians and loves brand names.J even the shopping is bad here, judy, and the best place to eat is either "the outback steakhouse" or "john harvard's brew house" - both of which are a 20 minute walk partly on a two foot wide strip next to four lanes of traffic.

there's no sushi bar, no ethiopian, no fruit smoothies, no organic cooking for miles.J no used records, no head shop, no jazz clubs,

what is there instead?J there's a forest preserve on campus, bisected by an interstate.J there's a lot of fascinating minds.

we're kind of cloistered here.

14:12) [Seen] 05-FEB-98 13:50 justin allyn hall (justin)

but there is a health food store within reach!
a saving grace.

at night, on the horizon toward philly, it's orange always, and you can see the flames of the refineries shoot up.

swarthmore college is an arboretum, so there's lots of nice plants affixed with metal name tags.

another justin, he ran an ezln page,
they did something interesting recently

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 18:49:15 -0500 (EST)
From: justin
To: Amy
Subject: Re: girlsroom

On Fri, 6 Feb 1998, Amy RU wrote:

> check this out

where'd you hear about this?

girls rooming i like the ethic, homegrown. they're very playful - not a lot of spread legs. nice, straightforware untreated bodies, right?

and they don't appear to want money.


what do you think? is it on the level?

funny - it's not a crazy turn-on, it's like too playful and fun and stuff. too honest maybe? i think i'm not in a horny way, maybe i'll check back in later...

it's inspiring! maybe we could try that - not identify ourselves, but make ourselves erotically available causally online?

man, do i love that woman. i want to hold her and talk to her and lay in bed with her
mostly to brainstorm with her and go riding around talking about the world with her
so i'm in a liminal productive phase,
listening to plenty of homogenic
trying to work on my thesis
though the food is a little tired now, maybe i'll try some death.

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