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thanks to april chan for these two pix:
attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?


first tried the stuff summer 1994 with a girlfriend in san francisco (practically the offical local drug)

we snorted 3 capsules between us

(ain't no coke anesthesia - man that hurt.)

we climbed onto a bed, immediately immersed incredible waves of merging compulsion

we fucked for like two hours - "I love you so much" "I want to be inside of you" "let's stay like this forever"

and of course we could not, she got too sore, and we were utilizing the bed of the designated coat room at a party for 50 young associate lawyers.

in april of 1995 at swat, I had a friend send me a bunch,
three weekends in a row I did it, mostly alone,

kind of alienating - the come down sucks
and with no compelling merge partner, my parasitic sucker fish urges are kind of embarrassing to indulge on more sober types

and after the third weekend I was laying on my bed writhing in gut pain pushing large gaseous bubbles around my stomach trying to adjust the load of chemical waste in my intestines.


E-xpert Nicholas Saunders's page has links to many books and much information on the drug.

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