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GHB - Gamma Hydroxubutyrate

None of the pharmicists I have yet spoken to have heard of this, my uncle thinks it sounds more like a health food store product.

My sister Lynn took it as a runner, big doses before she went to bed. She said she would wake up, four hours later, completely awake. She could only handle about two weeks, all you're supposed to, before she became exhausted.

August 1995, I mentioned it to a friend. "Oh yeah! We have some of that in the fridge."
I mixed three quarter teaspoon in with a glass of warm water and chugged it.
The happy tingly effects come in small doses - I felt drunk with clarity. A nice alcohol/ecstacy/caffeine feeling, with an undercurrent of deep drowsiness that eventually pulled me under.
People keep thinking I'm talking about Bovine Growth Hormone. I hope I'm not!

I had this sentence posted up on my web site and someone wrote in to correct me:

It is a powerful Central Nervous System depressant - this and some alcohol could put you under for life - permanent brain damage.

"GHB is a powerful sedative with muscle growth stimulating properties as well as those of an inhibition reducer. However, it is positively NOT a central nervous system depressant. It acts upon the hypothalamous portion of the brain, thereby limiting it's originally intended use as an anesthetic. The fact that it does not depress the CNS is what makes it somewhat safer to use as a recreational drug. Overdose-you sleep! With a CNS depressant, Overdose, you die!

"GHB and alcohol do not mix well, but not for the reason you think. One of the clinical uses of GHB is in the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Most, but not all, people who mix the two suffer from severe nausea, hence the advantage in treatment. Where alcohol (a strong central nervous system depressant) presents a danger is when it is mixed with other drugs that do the same thing. Too much and your brain stops telling your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe. That's what happened to Marilyn Monroe.

"GHB overdoses typically cause unconsciousness. After all, it's an anesthetic. A truly massive dose could cause coma or something worse, but there is no history of such problems. However, GHB works very rapidly. If you're driving or operating heavy equipment, you could nod off in a few seconds, presenting an extreme danger to yourself and others.

"GHB is relatively safe when used in mild doses. There's no hangover, and little risk of injury from accidental overdose. Women especially seem to enjoy the increased tactile pleasure and the reduced inhibition caused by the drug, hence it's reputation as an aphrodisiac. Remember though, that it is a felony to administer a drug to someone without their knowledge. GHB is not legally available in the US but is legal to import from Europe FOR YOUR PRIVATE USE ONLY. Sell any to your friends and you're asking for a trip to federal prison.

"Have fun, but be careful."

I don't know where to get ghb, I have never bought ghb,

please don't ask me where to find ghb.

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