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This is like that Harper's bit, except tailored for the HotWired insider perspective.
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 00:08:36 -0800
To: <recipient list supressed>
From: (Justin Hall)
Subject: The HotWired index 12/8

The HotWired Index - 12/8

number of times I have to swipe my card before the door unlocks to Wired: 6

amount of time it takes for all of lunch to be distributed and consumed: 18 minutes

number of HotWired emeriti: three

number of HotWired emeriti listed on the masthead: two

number of hours it took for Howard to be removed from the masthead: under four

number of days it took for John Alderman to make it on the masthead: at least 2

number of empty desks: 2

number of empty water jugs piled up against the back wall: 19

number of weeks the large pile of cardboard boxes has been accumlating next to my desk: 13

number of titles Jonathan Steuer has held since July: 3

number of weeks after launch NetSurf was titled "Netsurf: for the week of October 31": 3

number of the thread "howard" posted about his resignation: msg.1677

number of threads posted by "howard" up until that point: 71

number of threads posted by "chip": 48

number of threads posted by "aa": 26

number of threads posted by "brain": 13

number of threads posted by "louis": 7

number of threads posted by "jonathan": 5

number of the latest HotFlash to be posted successfully on AOL: 1.26

number of nifty items jillo has on her desk: 10

number of beverage recepticles: 4

number of juggling balls on caleb's desk: 10

number of different editions of wired wire immediately apparent on imf's desk: 4

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