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spring '98

i was still living in worth k 12, with wilson ben and andrew. my thesis occupied the vast bulk of my time, it was half my credits. i had a 3' x 5' whiteboard with arrows and abstrations. i hung on the ceiling old table cloths i'd lost spring '96 but since recovered. carew painted me an awesome painting i hung proudly on my wall.

i had arranged my time off so that this was my fifth spring at the school. which was good - spring is my favourite season, but going through so many of them enabled me to keep working through the glorious sunshine that seemed to be so persistent this particular season.

i was still dating amy, now being flown out twice in april to see zdtv which was great for our relationship.

wilson had honours, so he worked a lot; duncan dated sasha, there wasn't so much craziness there - wilson ran alone mostly.

we had fun with two fisted features. ben and wilson and i would screen them, wilson did flyers, i did the web site and dubbed the tapes. we had a pretty formidable library by the end of the year!

controller ben conducted james bond nintendo 64 in his room; charlie mayer replaced ted florea as the primary addict off-hall. he would come barrelling down the stairs from his room in the next dorm over, "hey ben, gaffle?" and ben would usually say, "nope." "single player?" charlie would begin pleading. "nope." ben's reply through the door. "come on ben," charlie would be leaning a little against the door. "if you ask again you're never playing bond again." "well can i come back later?" "yeah," ben would say, "like an hour." and then it would start all over again, except maybe ben would let him play, they'd play two player or we'd play three player and charlie's boyish enthusiasm for playing bond would turn into eventual determined misery as he was more and more severely trounced. he did get better, and i lost my second in the ranks (to ben) edge as i worked more and bonded less.

the use of "chester really escalated, with josh lifton a dude i never spoke to all that much, but a physics friend of ben's, him calling me chester before he ever really knew me as justin. charlie mayer picked up on chester as well, adding a sort of intense "ch-ch-ch-ch" whine in front of it. and adding his phrase, "is it on the internet?" to respond to everything i say - he jacks that question up to a rapid nasal pitch, i suppose it's an imitation?

between travel and my thesis, my last semester at swarthmore was probably the most frenzied and graceful yet. what a joy.

months included: january, february, march, april, and may


art history 29: film: form and signification
t. kaori kitao

lingustics 14: history of the english language
craig williamson

two credit thesis:
technology and citizen choice: priorities and responsibility for tool selection
phil weinstein & ken gergen

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