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spring '96

I hung with many of the same folk,
Rya been havin' a tough time, Yoni was back, Julia, Balky's back as well, we talked a lot late at night.

toward the end, come springsum, I comingled denise, carew, a lot with wilson

I lived with Bold Ben Rutter, and writing for the Phoenix not as much as I used to.

I started writing every night just before the start of this semester - that kept me pretty productive, pretty busy.

I held more web empowerment meetings, and I pushed a vision for the web at Swarthmore, mostly in my role as webmaster @ sccs.

What got me juiced was conducting a web ethics class.

I missed the application date for my radio show so I am only able to make musical media as a substitute - guerrilla broadcasting!

early March saw student agitation over financial aid and student involvement and gender fuck.

Lani and Mark and tzvetan came to speak, and satan came to play.

I spoke again for the ndn folks

Spring Break, I went to Dayona Beach!

months included: january, february, march, april, and may
and then I went on this road trip.


History 88: History of Consumption
Timothy Burke

Physics 25: In Search of Reality
John Boccio

Sociology & Anthropology 72: Shamanism
Bruce Grant

web ethics
I'm runnin' it!

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