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fall '97

this semester i lived on the bottom floor of worth K with wilson and ben
they on one side of the hall, i on the other with andrew marino, the RA who lived across from me my first year in willets.

ben brought nintendo 64. we three pitched in and bought james bond goldeneye, mostly at my urging. i played it a lot, solving boards and expanding our multiplayer option. we enjoyed killing each other.

wilson bought duke ellington, after i loaned him some this summer - we hear that, and wu tang clan. and lots of jungle music. his stereo is loudest.

they just remodeled a nearby kitchen, so we do a bit more cooking stuff. ned and carew live in the same dorm, so i see a convenient amount of them. ned makes a mean chinese food leftovers omlette.

some worthy folks
me, wilson, ayla, carew, ned
worth courtyard, september/october '97

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Psychology 48: technology, self and society
ken gergen
Economics 1: intro to economics
bernard saffran

Dance 2: world dance forms
sharon friedler

Computer Science 21.2: computer science 21: C & Unix
charles kelemen

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