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suck smiles Joey. That smiling photo is rare, see it's blurry?

actually, it's not rare. he smiles a lot, mostly when he's giving people shit.

At least Carl's posted stuff - Joey's just got ArtFuck - good design from summer '95 on someone else's mag.

He likes to give me shit. he's a smart guy, so it's smart shit. He'll call me the first web luminary, and then tell me he liked my first logo best. Like he used to really dig on my pages, but he doesn't read them so much anymore. I guess those are compliments/insults...?

I've been sucked.

I dunno if he feels as much pain as carl does - but he plays one better. more wit about his cynicism. like the simulation of the real thing being more attractive than the real thing.

He challenges me, that's healthy. Like the Thursday Night Dinner I cooked for, we chatted quite a bit.
He called me a hypocrite for going to a Wired VIP party after holding forth on elitist party practices when I worked there. I ran this by Jonathan, he sez what's important is what you do with the party.

I thought so too, sort of reminded me of getting out of jail early, cuz I'm from a family of well-to-do lawyers, I was set free before 279 other arrestees. So I spoke about the arrest and the circumstances within the jail to whoever would hear - I thought, my freedom is a responsibility to speak for those who are not free. So my attendance at the Wired party is to make it accessable for people who did not attend.

(he scoffed unrepentantly at both of those)

At the same time, I was giving Joey shit cuz he thinks he can take ads without it compromising his integrity. Like Suck works out of HotWired, and they have no qualms about talking shit about them.

freedom to talk shit about anyone, equality of negativity

Joey envisions the same thing with advertisers. Or, get advertisers who care only for Suck's wealthy demographic (who's poor on the web?) who Suck wouldn't care to write about anyway.

I called him naieve for thinking that he could take money from them without them influencing his content. He thinks he can take what he want from them, and do his thing, his thing not compromised by advertising.

(in the next breath, he'll cynically claim fat payment for the Budweiser piece)
And I think, later of course, who am I to think I can take Wired's or-dervs and they won't influence my content? I gave him shit, now that I think about it, I was probably projecting my own insecurities onto him.

suck smiles

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