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c a r l

his web page used to start:

I'm all fucked up inside.

and the real bad shit that happened to him was unflinchingly explored in deadpan linearity.

the page has changed, to incorporate other styles of writing, often haikuish - his pop culture pendantism, his personal product placements, and links to his various appearances and celebrity.

all ironic, of course.

i was talking to Jonathan Steuer once about Carl and he said "he's obscured the covering up of the sumulation of Carl."

he's developed a good measure of digital pundit prominence.

carl boxer i guess he really wanted to be a celebrity. he colluded creating his own fan club. he even posed in joe boxers!

i wrote this of him in 95/96:

he's definitely depressed, or a dour figure. somehow beneath that lurks a person who seems to have a hard time denying compassion forever - hey, he's the guy most likely to leave suck to write a book for chrissakes. you've got to be a genuine masochist to try that
especially with such a potential cash cow on hand.

but now carl has emerged as long term player. in dolce-gabbana sunglasses. with regular columns and book deals. and a loft in soma. even a mortgage!

carl's a nice guy. and now he's more excitable.

carl he got really excited when we were in denmark together, he found that he gave a good talk nitpicking my idealism. ("the web now is about exit strategy")

he continues to play the cynic, but now he seems to enjoy it a little more. blond streaks in his hair type of deal.

he was my first adversitizer.

alone, he's more genuine and sympatico -

back when he was with this clown, on the other hand...

he's most always entertaining. Gemini.

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