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18 march, 1996
like I was sayin'
today was a spring prelude
frolicking on the college green
somebody smokin' pot
it ain't me)
hacky sackin'
bob marlyin'
story tellin'

all kinds of folks out
yoni, rya, martín, jerry, HG, danny, ali,

and the guy I was supposed to live with this year

instead of Ben,
a large fellow
broad not weighed
took time off to linger at Colorado College
where he sez the strangeness is structured
marijuana paraphernalia fetishists
they each have their own "piece," named
and they'll only smoke good bud from it.

I catch some shit on campus

for not smellin' purty
like old spice or some shit
I don't use that body bathing bypass crap
I hate licking a pit full of sweat-block
it makes my underarms feel they got cotton mouth.

well Kylian is more decided nature

big, downwind
he is truly pungeant
amazing how fate intervenes.

we have a physical friendship
wrestling within minutes of presence
he lifts me up and turns me over in a gasp
we waltz across the lawn.

talked to mom
nicely, not about money
she's a basketball fan
our hometown team
the Chicago Bulls
they've been winning big this season
rodman but loose cannon Dennis Rodman,
he headbutted a referee,
took off his shirt and knocked over a juice cooler
after he was caught with his hand in his pants

when Spike Lee came to speak at Swarthmore

last year, I asked him
what do you think the NBA does for the portrayal
of black men in the american mass media?
(if he'd answered me, I'd post it here)
trying to work,
this internet thing is distracting
I played in my stats some
I don't really do that much

you know everything you do here is logged
not your e-mail address (yet)
but your computer name,
like mac5.willets.swarthmore.edu

I tracked folks through the site

to see what they read
what lead to what
where they lingered longest
(counting time between clicks)
fascinating stuff
navel gazing
still, I'm supposed to be
a paper machine
quantity, certainly
if not quality.
futzing around on the computer
I don't make the time to polish them right.

like this morning's entry on matted hair

I had more to say,
I needed to integrate the book into my personal meanderings
but I was fifteen minutes late to class
just finishing my reading and paper as it was

a little more time spent on a student consumption

web saints are out there
Paul Haeberli
sent me a list of fixes

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