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19 june, 1996
up net so this morn I taught five women to web page
half the progressives in utah in one room
it was a seminar set up for up net
utah progressives network

planned parenthood
utah chapter sierra club
utah stonewall center
utah human rights coalition
southeastern utah wilderness association.
they were eager and enthusiastic
none of them really had e-mail, or knew ftp from jmp
view source was really a turn on for them.

erin, doesn't give her eyes to cameras erin of suwa gave me $4 for my trouble
weird accepting money from activists
I noticed someone had stamped red ribbon on it
should get a web site rubber stamp URL
for my own dollar bill stamping

eric had to work meanwhile
we predicated the session with vegetable laden bagels,
he explained his insurance litigating
I guess in civil cases it's best to represent the plantiffs
often individuals suing the institutions
and in criminal cases it's humane to represent the defendants
folks fighting the machine
his public interest enviroposition dispelled
so he remigrated back to mormon land post frisco
works with insurance company defense
someday, earth lust again

computer repair joint dropoff but computer keep
they're ordering parts
new logic board, key board, power supply
in by tomorrow or not at all.

lunch, us at vegetarian food. telling folks I don't eat meat ain't the end of the world - it just means wendy's sometimes - better than mcdonalds.
eric writes, I discover, kept a journal in high school that lead to parental falling out when his gig was up from momread
I ask a brief grace and thanks before the meal commenced
he seemed touched
like it reminded him of his father
both parents mormon
he dad digging some beyond, prayers over desert rocks

afternoon dropoff so I sleep
woken midway by christian wants to talk web
sez like my last night storytell and talk was like henry rollins
but I feel sleeptime and go back drifting never sit up never wake
for more two hours
till the folks come home and prepare to readiness for cup of joe
I contact in my eyes and polish up breakthrough pages

joe cup cup of joe large large large space underfilled
I mean no one
besides an outside lingering shopkeeper
and my dinner artichoke hearts on foccacia

so with eric and I we worked on public ppp for a long time
like an hour
under no pressure of attendence
man we'd even brought a ericmade donation jar
that mysteriously ended up with $9.50 in it

lampin' colette had to leave early - she's waking to open the bakery at 3.30am tomorrow
phil tucker ended up contributing, writing on rollins prolific immediate
versus christian most web learning intersted but utterly retiscent to put down any words with which to wrangle html.

I just want to learn it.
divorced from content?
man, you gots to do some homework if you wanna learn the stuff
you gots to put yourself out there

fuck is the resulting first word
eric putes meanwhile eric is riding high
post-running narratives, poems
he's styling his own page
this has been waiting

many times together three
cuz phil left for a clover concert he invited me to
and no one else dropped by
eric continues to markup old files
christian gets into my shit
sex drugs stds and chandra

I don't know that she'd been on the web before
in turms of composition
she likes to be alone to write

home, eric confesses being a pisces
colette a cancer
water signs.

prom photo tales of 22 byu business man
research leads him to sell contact lenses by mail order in new jersey
now he's got a company worth more than million
he's suing a computer company that trashed some hard driven data long ago

draws eric down to provo utah, byu land
I will go to see the stranger

post 08 09

five, yo blues book identifies pic of janis as koko
omits lonnie johnson and robert wilkins

fergit it
that's what you get with all encompassing guides.

our paths cross in the early am
they each both leave the bathroom while to brush their teeth

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