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january 8

i would type a lot here, there's always a lot to say,
but the essense of brevity is wordchoice:

and tekken 2,

besides joining abbe for yoga in the city with crazy, funny joe naudzunas,
wearing a eminds t-shirt
amy and i dwell in oakland, in lotus land.

abbe described interface design as descended from cockpit mechanics,
talked about iterating bubbe's back porch,
she's going to learn java, easier sharing of stories.

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 20:06:57 -0800 (PST)
To: justin
From: (Abbe Don)
Subject: January 8 Web Page

Yo Justin,

Nice update!

Couple of comments: I think I said interface design was partially descended from the human factors issues involved in designing cockpits for fighter pilots!

Or, at least that's what I meant to say...

But more importantly, the link to bubbe has a forgot one "b"...can you fix it to say ""--

Thanks dude!

Look forward to seeing you and Amy tomorrow.

Hope the dinner with Rheingolds goes well.

Meanwhile, if you are feeling ambitious, Joe teaches Saturday from 10:30am to noon! I'm definitely going.

Pasta banana,

Abbe Don
Abbe Don Interactive, Inc.

Be sure to check out Bubbe's Back Porch at

she's tripping out on the jewish artist thing, getting into her roots religion.

i have no such tangible spiritual heritage, it's strange to find someone so deep in multimedia who does, who is rediscovering that.
there's a place in the ether net for talmud.

i'm working on obscure parts of my web site
and finishing mopawi
ahh, the joys of vacation.

also my thesis, narrowing down from six to maybe one topic
based so far on this writing.

amy's going to cut my hair, first time under scissors since 1991, when last i was in a salon
i'm realizing the value of flexibility,
sure i like to cut my own hair, be my own man, etc.
but why not let my girl cut my hair?
it'll probably grow back

i went to visit netscape, and wrote about it. i'll post it here some day, when the information is no longer up to date and newsworthy.

tomorrow i visit howard one last time before school,

we'll work on, his personal web site;
clean new look! same old content!
but after my hand problems, i have trouble urging anyone to up their web production rate.

briefly yoga makes me more body conscious,
so we went out for indian veggie food.

today, the girls here and i drank forties, they smoked blunts, i ate a meatloaf sandwich and chicago style pizza. whoo my bowels.

so tomorrow i cook for rheingold and his family, going to try my favourite green, sauteed spinach with garlic, baked yams, and maybe some fish.

this vacation livin'.

jss me talked to steuer about job stuff last night,
told him i thought about working netscape, etc.
his recent career path reminded me, the last time i really wanted a job,
i went for it,
until then, i love web-dependence
and i'll find something to chase that hard,
or other monies will come my way

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