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13 january

netscape layoffs came through today, i think
i was waiting to publish my piece on my netscape visit

visit scenic links from the underground:
your source for unique technology updates
and soon, a survey...

thinking about business after school
k------- thinks i'd make a good teacher
i've done it before
i think that's a good idea
now, i need a subject

i love to teach!

or maybe i'll make a website with wayne.


photoboothed yesterday lunch with half sister lynn

soon she might be certified to provide body health to humans and horses
take a break from her office job to go back to school
school seems to make people happy

jonathan suggests graduate school for me

as i let my mind unwind in the company of my coochie,
i find myself weezing philosophical

but i think more of starting my own school or business
something that would let me make enough money to pay for my sister's continuing education

trying to figure out how amy could do something besides retail
bookselling, waitressing,
i mean she has skills and brains, right
she could take pictures for your album cover,
design a cool letterhead,
she can make paper,
illustrate stuff

lemme know if you can use her

i'm urging her to go freelance,
she accused me
at one bitter moment we were sniping at each other during some serious rain
of paternalism

probably true

lynn says amy seems a little bitter or dark or dramatic from my descriptions here and her web page, which struck lynn as truly darkish
lynn, please correct me if i'm wrong

all teethi say i love amy, is that light? pictures show her smiling,
she laughs constantly

except these last two days when we've been having intense arguments about gender,
whoo boy.

k------- says amy's sunnier than she thought from my descriptions.

amy is a drama queen
and our time is still skewed, school vacations visiting
but she can hold her own in conversation
she doesn't spend all her time in a fairy world

"are you a drama queen?" she asks

she's certainly sexy.
she gave me a haircut, now she can't call me nothin' but cute.

we're looking into some kind of live/work space in the east bay
cheap rent and no tv
maybe we could live without hot water
but we do crave a nice kitchen

when i visit her, i cook,
in the last few days, i've made potatoe pancakes, roasted red peppers,
tonight, amy cooked thai food.

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