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16 march

loose notes from spring break, my time in san francisco, visiting amy, surfing in the mills computer lab, writing letters on the plane back to swarthmore, and then here late at night in my chair noting the settlement of dust

amy catches some kind of instant stress illness -
chills, paranoia, mucas, nausea, headache

i make her chicken soup she can't eat
bring her water
the best thing i do:
we have sex when she's sick, and each time afterwards she feels better - her circulation's flowing, her head is loosened up.

i am sick some too, and we find that we both sleep better after sex.
it sucks to have suck energy and tired all the time. she's still fun to be with but it's more trying maybe and i am just frankly not so potent!

amy's filling out scholarship applications
we talk about her career pitch:
she sez,
i want to be a public artist,
i want to help people understand their perceptions
what do you mean i'm an evangelist - i'm more subtle
i exert my own little way in the world

so we spend a lot of time at her school; painting, computing, i scan her window slides for a future project undefined, and my own slides of nepal

surfing amp because they have the boymerang i'm listening to; i find nick philip: PRANA VS. SUN ELECTRIC video clip, and ken ishii, whose music i like, and i'm generally a sucker for twisted japanese animation. there's also Ryuichi Sakamoto's tv war, and his replica/tribute to nam jun paik - njp's a video artist whose work i saw in new york in october.

amy suggested i post this
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:37:37 -0800
From: Marco Polo
Subject: I did a search and....

Guess what?
"Croquet" came up empty!
How can that be? Your site is so...well...cool.
And there's nothing remotely connected with the coolest game in the
Come on, man. Check it out.
Here are two sort-of-connected websites re: croquet----
"Croquet in America" - Official webpage of the United States Croquet Association. Croquet Rules, Croquet places to play, Croquet equipment, and, YES, a searchable database of players' handicaps for USCA members!

"Croquet World Online Magazine" - Everything that's new and/or interesting in the world of Croquet.

Come on, Justin. You mean you've never stuffed a wicket?


Marc Gilutin

i have definitely stuffed wickets! just this fall! wilson is quite a fan.

i asked mark what IMWTK stands for, he replied,
(Forgot what it stands for)

wayne sends this endearing notice:

From: "wayne bremser" @ beatthief.com
To: "justin"
Subject: alterna
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:42:45 -0800


well at least the picture is you, bro.

and another email, this one amended to preserve some intimacy and provide some brevity:

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 13:15:33 -0500
To: svante
From: justin
Subject: thots

svante -

i haven't found anything in particular you should see while you are in this country.

i recommend you check out the "red rock eater" - it's a mailing list, very acadmemic, good, high volume though, look for the archives and there you'll find emailings for upcoming academic conferences.

i hope you have fun! i think you will - it's good to travel,

i am just returning from san francisco, where i interviewed and auditioned with a tv channel that is new here and just starting up - ZDTV (like ziff-davis the computer magazines)

they liked me svante, i have charisma on screen i think so they tell me, and i may end up working as a talker on television. i told them i wanted to read essays, do media criticism, teach and encourage people to do their own thing online. so i'm supporting technology, by working with a computer/tv channel, but i think they are just cool enough to let me do something slightly useful and anyways i'll definitely learn a lot of stuff, right? somehow i have a traditional liberal distaste or mistrust for tv still. at least i can work there without using my hands so much!

it may not pay me enough to be my only job (probably because i'm too weird to be on tv all the time) but it seems like something natural for me to try, because i like talking so much.

and we talked about it - the more they use me, the more they might wish to regulate my appearance! like hair! man, tv is weird.

otherwise i am looking forward to finishing my thesis - thanks for checking it out a little. i met with howard and he gave me a lot to think about, so i am trying to think about what i will end up with at the end of my term working on it. it's very abstract and i like it like that but i have to make it abstract and strong so that older academic people can argue with me better.

i love amy and i look forward to moving in with her in june. i will live in oakland/san francisco thereafter! so come visit us.

and check your icq!

i think i'm going to have to put duct tape on my old computer...

that last point being a reference to svante's duct tape covered old compaq 386 laptop he was toting when last i saw him, may '97. the screen on my duo is coming apart (i'm not the gentlest traveller - i need a military issue machine), so maybe i'll go for the duct tape tech look.

i'm listening to bjork and felt compelled to make a web page on her.

and i made a new interface of circles icons eyes that came to me gently over vacation and i implemented at mills and put together tonight and i'm putting up a confusing weird front screen for a day or two but then it's probably back to updated daily front contant. webergy is key! but confusion is critical too.

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