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fall of '95

I hung with many of the same folk and Rya, living in worth I11 with Bold Ben Rutter, and writing for the Phoenix. Some folks I know put on a Cabaret.

November 15, the day after I'd mourned the twelvth anniversary of my father's suicide, a fellow swattie Gabriel Cavelleri hung himself from a tree. Raina took chemistry with him, she had a strong reaction.

I organized a few Meet the Prez sessions.

I started working with ken gergen as my advisor on a special major, and projects beyond.

I knitted a bit with Knit-Wits.

I held a few web empowerment meetings, which I called Sinners, after I kept seeing all these Christian flyers up all over campus - Sinners for Swarthmore Internet Novices and Experts Rhythmic Seminars.

Each Saturday right after Wilson, I did my radio show; started interviewing folx - Aaron Wong, Marianne from the grill, Shashi, Neil Epstein, Howard.
Rya, Dom and I did a broadcast in the nude.


Religion 32: Buddhist Social Ethics
Don Swearer
The course I have most assimilated into my consciousness; it fit in well with the sacrelizing of the web I have been debating.
12.11.95: interbeing
11.22.95: Buddhadasa's Dhammic Socialism: an Internet Vision
Religion 10: African American Religions
I learned about discourse in this class. Performance reflecting experience as much as words.
While I was taking this class I noticed the way the African American employees of the college speak, religious discourse is intimately tied with person-to-person discourse, unique aspects of African American dialect and dialogue are present in each, particularly call-and-response affirmation.
Yvonne Chireau
12.7.95: African American Religion Resources on the net
Music 3: Jazz History
John Alston
I have a long history with jazz. My Dad listened to it quite a bit, and I play a lot of it on my radio show.
I also took Tai Chi with him.
Studio Arts : Oil Painting
Celia Reisman
Howard turned me on to painting, I was excited to explore my visual imagination.
She recommended to me Francesco Clemente
I put a few paintings online

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