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thanks cyborganic

took a trip to LA - amy's first, kathy's first, joanne was our guide.

at 4am, sunday/monday night,
we were hitting tourist spots late night to avoid traffic
at mann's chinese theatre
inspecting star-tiles

a long long limo pulls up, the driver gets out, comes around, opens a door
a scrawny black man in a completely white jumpsuit, a large plastic clock around his neck, a white hat and unlaced combat boots strides out,
without a glance our way
walks to eddie murphy's tile,
bends down, touches the concrete
stands in eddie's footprints,
slaps his arms against his chest, once twice
turns on his heel, walks back to the car,

who was that? i ask the driver, just confirming
flavor flav

each time i visit hollywood there's some sort of surreal brush with fame, I thought that one was rather charming. we didn't bug him - it seemed like his was in some kind of ritual space.

other than that, we went down originally because a friend had said we could have his scanner if we picked it up. we were never able to meet up to get the scanner! so 12+ hours of driving just to share the city.

city of quartz i bought kathy a copy of city of quartz - such a fantastic book. no two ways about it

leisure time in los angeles is different than oakland - our friend had a pool so we sat around outside frying my shoulders and trying to coax the girls unsuccessfully to play marco polo pool games with me. mostly i love diving into the pool over and over again. i think that's like my approach to jobs.

i completed my article drafts for rolling stone and still they want me to turn around the revisions quickly - it's like a job i've got here almost now.

science time

on the way back we caravanned, and joanne's family makes some semiconductors in Korea so she had some walkie talkies that we used to stay in touch between the cars. other people could hear us debating where to pee along the side of the road - they said we were funny. i plugged my laptop into joanne's lighter and worked on some game reviews - Civilization and daughter of the serpent - TK.

21 june
13 june

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