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the underground enquirer SQUINCH!
summer '96 edition


to ribald tales of justin's sexual exploits!

to revelatory self exposure:

action shots of hospital visits and stories of sexually transmitted diseases!

justin's mother as a five year old
- in nebraska!

weird dreams about people you probably don't know!


to his summer tour, where

sufi mystic golf pros attempt to improve your swing!

feral truck driving blues pianists obsessed with the holy ghost deny the power of voodoo!

and aged junkies discuss the weather near witchita

as you link up to
people with problems that put them on the map making web pages in less time than it takes you to avoid the olympics!


as a boy loses his father at the age of eight!

and proceeds through a series of difficult relationships
includes asshole treatment of hapless young women!
lurid tales of self delusion!

biker chicks want to cut his hair!
weird floridians threaten violence!
beautiful irish women ditch him mercilessly!
oliver north signs his drug periphernalia!
kurt vonnegut grabs him, shakes him and asks if he can get that from a computer!

while he finds his home on the web and writes
righteous pronouncements of internet vision!
more about his life than anyone should ever remember, much less reveal

even going so far as to draft a curriculum on, get this:
internet ethics!

all this and more,
as a young man unfurls his desparate daze -
and tries to hold down a new job in an exciting field.
(while using company equipment to render these personal pages)

la providora del bitchin' bandwidth:

c y b o r g a n i c

las providoras del bitchin' 'quipment:

electric minds and mom

and thanks to april chan for the picture.

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