10 september

scenes from work:
a place i like to be

egg, my desktop
my desktop: large or huge

here's a picture of my desktop
i macintized (bjorn's word) my desktop with icq plus
i ran this system hack on "My Computer" from annoyances.org
my recycle bin is in the lower right corner of my desktop - sign of an old mac user
i use netscape because it handles IMAP mail better, and because Netscape tells you the dimensions of pictures in the title bar:

jpeg size

which i use at least once a day in conjunction with bud.com or a personal mindex or this site heah. if you can the dimensions of an image while you're building your html code, you can design around it and your pages load faster. viva la web building! it appears that microsoft don't include that too; supposedly their web browser products are quite good in many other respects.

i love my job, because the people i work with are lively and knowledgable. i've been here long enough that i know the jokes and the people and it's both familiar and challenging.

three days is such a rush

challenging like we have two chordless phones for this ~500 square foot room, with 14 dudes back to back and side to side packed in between beige boxes and headphones and monitors

and darn near everyone stays until 10 pm and that's when things get loose and people bring in korean bbq and actually play games, which even ying, our guy in charge of marketing ad banners to taiwanese computer manufacturers, turns out he's quite a profient "smash bros" player - everyone here can do something. well, nick says he can't play any games, but he actually finished college with a CS degree so he writes our database, stuff like that.

so most of this week i've been sitting here, and moving around the office in a kind of easy glide, like i'm where i want to be and where it's best to be. it feels like wired must have felt in the early days - where everyone mostly believed in what we were doing, it was a new thing and people who drop by the office share in our consentual hallucination

it's all very puffing. today on the tail end of another gamers.com high i realized that perhaps this all goeth before a fall, meaning that there will be a point when i will not love this whole enterprise this much anymore, when i will realize that we are not still a team of excited youths in it together, but rather that some people become more equal than others, or the company will tank and people will leave.

it's almost like i'm older - i'm handling my hallucination with a dose of dramamine, but still i am happy to see that i can be sucked in and excited working with other people, almost more than i can be sucked in playing with myself.

and it's quite playful around here! most folks don't play games until after 6pm, which is i guess part of why they stay so late most of the time. yesterday we got a dreamcast

me geee x

i'm going to be speaking twice in the next two weeks, at dstory and cmj's marathon (where I'm excited to be on a 2pm panel with seth warshavsky of ieg). i feel driven to share the story of where i work and what it's like and how excited i am, but my company, they aren't ready to distribute a message so i have to sit on my mouth, which is hard to imagine at this point. i really do feel my most alive when i'm excited about something, and it's a very few steps from there to yakking. someday maybe that will be my job, and that will be a different kind of fun. at least now while i'm silent grunt #3 i get to enjoy the equality atmosphere and some limbo because i am uninformed and not participating in company direction-determining decisions. it's a nice kind of peace. but i am curious still!

here's a statistic from my boss joel that makes me feel like i'm in the right business:

Dreamcast Breaks Record [9-10-99 6:10pm ET]
GameDaily recently reported Sega's sales predictions dealing with its 9/9/99 launch date on August 30. Sega had predicted that it would break Episode I: The Phantom Menace's entertainment industry one-day record of $28 million with a $45 million day. Not only did Dreamcast sales break that record, they smashed it with a record $97.9 million in its first 24 hours. The $97.9 million figure released by Sega accounts for hardware, peripherals and software sales.

so i am working on a merging of my web experiences with what i'm learning about gaming for a speech to give the Digital Storytelling Festival. After giving the "I am Justin, of the Internet people" speech a few times, I'm ready to evolve it a little beyond myself.

i missed burning man because i was at a midwestern wedding. at a mexican restaurant, they served 27 oz. margaritas (2.3 cans of coke). at an italian restaurant, they had a picture of a women, a dead ringer for becky bush, half naked smiling, holding two halves of a very large watermelon in front of her breasts.

if i had a walkman with a jane's addiction tape in it and i wore that to the YMCA i'd hurt myself working out too hard.

carl is nice to me, he sends me work that he doesn't need or want or can't handle. it's a nice way for me to get odd jobs, make a little money, and have some different experiences. thanks carl.

i want to try to educate myself by reading notes on diverse subjects from large universities: student u. but no notes have appeared yet! and a professor friend says they're of poor quality. huh.

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